Peer-review process

This website contains the residue of a peer process (in Autumn 2013), including drafts of papers, comments, and further information on the overall post-digital research workshop/conference. It is not intended as a publication of results but an indication of a process.

In August 2013 a number of researchers responded to an open call to participate in a research/Ph.D.-workshop organized by Aarhus University and transmediale, Berlin. In advance of meeting, each participant prepared a text addressing the notion of the post-digital, posted it online and commented upon each others’ contributions . The group then met at Kunsthal Aarhus in October, where they (in an on-going peer-review process) presented, critiqued and further developed their writings. As part of a writing ‘sprint’, the group then decided to rewrite their contributions using a set of constraints. This included the invention of a common definition of the post-digital, and from this a common vocabulary of words to use and those that were considered taboo. Over the course of two days, all articles were rewritten and made more concise, and in addition scripts were developed to analyse the texts and images. Following this publication, the participants were also invited to use the workshop to develop their arguments and submit lengthier articles to a special issue of A Peer-reviewed Journal About “Post-digital Research”.

Workshop articles:
A Peer-reviewed Journal About:

Journal deadlines:
01/12/13 submit full articles to this blog (4000 words)
12/12/13 deadline for reviews on this blog
06/01/14 NEW! 15/01/14 submit edited articles – proofread & formatted to MLA-style referencing – absolutely FINAL deadline
- follow submission guidelines of (MLA-standard)
- send to cua (at)
27/01/14 publication of A Peer-reviewed Journal About Post-digital Research vol 3, iss 1.

Links to full articles for review:


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